Get the kids out of earshot and learn the most popular performance enhancing skill from the Braintracksaudio Curriculum.

Pulled from Nancy Wolfson's lecture at the Century Plaza VOICE Conference in Los Angeles, this video teaches
beginning & working professional voice talents a watertight hook-the-booking trick.
(Also inside: a better way to stand at the microphone, where to hold copy, how to hush n' pull & why,
plus loads of R-Rated silliness from a few surprising suspects.

Now you can learn how to use a "natural instinct" to become less announcery, locate the
operative word(s) in a sentence, and emphasize with authenticity.

This video is over 40 minutes long, 110mb in size and could take 10-15 or more to download.
Viewing this video requires Quicktime which is available for both Windows PCs and Macs.

Saw your presentation @ VOICE...awesome...
used it to book a job already!
-Karin Allers

That f%#king  video lesson is very f%#king funny...
and you, my dear look f%#king fabulous in that dress.
Talk to you on f%#king Thursday.
-Dave Fennoy

Listening to your session REALLY made that lesson come to life for me.  Since I don't usually swear like that, it helped me learn to hear where the swearing would happen and REALLY hear the difference in the reads.  Blows my mind that you figured that one out.  You're amazing, Nancy Wolfson. 
– Kim White

Was at Voice. You were f%#king fab! Loved your session. It is the one that really stuck with me and something I can work on right away.
Thanks for all you do!
Warmest regards,
-Alix Michaels

I was in the back because you had already taught me this and thought I'd slip out and visit another session and then you made that impossible because you brought the DIVA. Never have I seen a woman rock the house like you did. Wanted to be you - still do. The most impressive thing I have ever seen - sat in on lots of people - they were fine but - you rocked!!!!!! Really Nancy - that was an awe inspiring star turn. Congratulations:)
– Vanessa Hart

It was great meeting you at VOICE. Your session was f%#king fabulous!
–Rebecca Davis Robertson

Attended your presentation at Voice and was thoroughly entertained WHILE actually learning something!
-Thomas Dunn

While I don't swear, in my mind, I'm reading copy and silently inserting the F word all over the place. You are an evil, but very effective woman, Nancy Wolfson. And you're really helping me to be effective as well. Just wanted you to know.
-Rick Riley

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