Get inside the mind of the "Real" read.

Your auditions all say, "we want to hire an announcer... who is NOT Announcer-y."
Nancy Wolfson will teach you how to Sound Real and Nail the Sale.

Learn how to "TELL it to me, Not SELL it to me,"
plus more than 127 valuable Coursework Tips from Nancy's private curriculum.

Fast acting tricks show you
how to relax your sound, which slippery words to avoid,
when the wrong volume can blow the booking, how to lay, how to lie,
Before & After examples of actual casting projects,
and, "admittedly"... which Mood to Choose.

Nearly 2 full hours of video instruction from tough love Voice Over Coach,
Casting Director and top market Producer, Nancy Wolfson,
available for immediate download.

Purchases of braintracksaudio.com mp3s and videos are for personal career development only and not to be exploited, reproduced in whole or part as a Voiceover/acting teaching program.


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This video set contains 2 separate download files (4 videos total), each of which is over 300mb. Each one could take 15-30 minutes or more to download.

For more information about Nancy Wolfson and her exclusive Braintracks Audio voice over curriclum vist braintracksaudio.com.

In the last few days, I've had a few people ask me about where/how to get voice over
training. While I don't think ANYTHING can or will replace one on one time with a
voice coach...this right here is about as close as it can get. Nancy Wolfson has some of
the best info I've ever seen on these videos about sounding "real" with your reads
and I witnessed, first hand, an increase in my bookings after watching (and more
importantly, applying what I learned). This was definitely a good buy!
-Bryan Saint

I watched your YouTube videos & the ones I bought/downloaded yesterday
I tried some of the techniques you teach and it worked! I booked by first job.
I voiced it and uploaded my files this afternoon
Thanks for your help.
-John Steele

Booked the Oregon Lottery 30th Anniversary TV VO gig (you sent) via Stars Agency.
I kept hearing your direction: "(When performing), you don't have to make me
happy." It makes me happy.
We did the session today and everybody was pleased.
Thank you so much!
-Robert John Hughes

Since I watched your videos, I have gotten two "Likes" from clients.
Thank You for making these videos; now I have more confidence and can sound
more conversational.
It was my downfall sounding like an announcer/broadcaster. Two likes in two days,
that's huge for me!!

I really loved the videos and so appreciate all the information. I've been auditioning a lot more because I'm feeling so confident.
While I don't think ANYTHING can or will replace one on one time with a voice coach...this right here is about as close as it can get.
I used to barely be listened to. I am seriously working studying with you into my business plan.
Thank you for all you do.
-Christi Bowen

I don’t brag on myself a lot, because I’m usually too busy picking my work apart.  But, I wanted you to hear this.

I believe it’s one of the best VO’s I’ve ever done, and it’s because of your influence. Two or three years ago, I would have no concept of “Admit, Don’t Sell.” (How to Sound Real.) So, thank you.  I hope you like it.
-Allen Farmer

That was the most enlightening 83 seconds of the last 6 months.
-Jenn Henry

I just have to tell you this, Nancy, although you surely already know it.
You are a master teacher. I just finished listening to reel 1 (just one reel so far, and I swear my feet aren't touching the floor!!!) You are so articulate and fluent in a language that I understand perfectly. I KNOW I am on my way to becoming a very successful v/o performer. I am literally shaking with excitement, because for the very first time, the direction and analysis makes perfect sense, and I can see exactly how to apply it.
You are answering questions I didn't even know how to ask. I hope to be able to do some phoners with you at some point, and will tell everyone pursuing this profession to do themselves a huge favor and get your downloads. Please keep 'em coming.
So sincerely you have no idea,
-Deborah Gear